Russia should be expelled from the United Nations

kolmapäev, detsember 31, 2014

Henn Põlluaas: Russia should be expelled from the United Nations


There is not the slightest doubt today that Russia has begun a full-scale war against Ukraine, abandoning all international conventions and agreements and opposing itself to the entire democratic world. While bullets are whistling in the Ukraine, threats and import bans are the first things for Russia to use against Europe and the United States. Now there is the abduction of Estonian security official. In view of the escalation of the situation, it would be logical if it were followed by a military conflict, to begin with, for example, on some Russia´s western border where the Kremlin has accumulated a huge amount of military equipment and living force.
The European Union, the United States and many other countries have introduced a variety of sanctions against Russia in an attempt to prevent the latter´s actions toward Ukraine. There have been no tangible results, as Russia's aggression appears to be growing. The reason is simple - these sanctions have been imposed too late, they are too few in number and insufficient. The fact that the EU is unable to agree on effective sanctions is only the grist to Putin´s mill.
Russia should be stopped and it could be done by means of strong sanctions. Most of the countries and people have no doubt about that. Besides, forward-thinking Russians, for example, Kasparov have demanded severe sanctions to make both Russia and its citizens aware of the actual consequences of the war. The reason is simple – to prevent Russia from becoming even more threatening power in future. "Diplomacy is reaching its limits in the face of continued Russian aggression," says Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn. "It raises the question of whether one can still even achieve anything with Putin through negotiations.“ Our historical experience confirms the negative outlook and today the naive West can be a witness to Putin´s and his administration´s endless lies; instead of negotiations and the armistice, Russia will send Russian troops in an increasing number to Ukraine. Recently, Russia threatened to conquer Kiev in a couple of weeks. If this is what Russia wants, it will not hesitate.
History repeats itself. In 1939, the Soviet Union attacked Finland - the Winter War. Finland turned to the League of Nations for help. Stalin was confident that none of great powers would prevent him from invading Finland and argued that there is actually no war going between Russia and Finland, but he has concluded mutual assistance pact with Kuusinen's (puppet) government.  The Kremlin tells media also today that they have anything to do with the war in the Ukraine and try to show Russian terrorists as the third party in the conflict. In December, 1939 the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations (the predecessor of the United Nations) and "the actions of the USSR against the Republic of Finland“ were harshly condemned. All this happened despite the fact that England and France had taken a hesitant position. All members of the league were invited to apply sanctions against the aggressor.
In response, the Soviet Union announced that they just sneer at "the stupid decision" of the League of Nations. However, this sneer froze on its face when a wave of overall condemnation against Russia's actions swept all over the world and it did not limit to mere words.
The League of Nations started a large international campaign to help Finland, the largest in scope the League of Nations has ever led to help its member state under attack. Within three months dozens of countries sent to Finland food, clothing, medical supplies, money, and most importantly - a large amount of war equipment: handguns, artillery, ammunition, tanks, planes, etc., including countries who has taken a hesitant position first. Volunteers came to help from as many as 29 countries.
Today, it is Ukraine that needs help. If NATO or the EU refuse to do this as an organization, countries should be given free rein. After the NATO summit, several countries have promised to provide Ukraine weapons aid.
To guarantee peace in Europe is not to give Ukraine to Putin. The restoration of the Empire and the retaliation for "the national humiliation of Russia" would not end up there in Ukraine. Russia sees enemies everywhere in the world in the form of imperialists, fascists and other conspirators. First, the great mission of Russian people should be fulfilled and then, of course, house put in order in the Baltic countries and Finland. Russia has always chosen victims for their aggressions among neighbours whom he believes to remain alone. As Finland is not a member of NATO, Russian power could choose to test its corresponding paragraph.
Russia should be expelled from the United Nations. The decision falls within the competence of the general assembly, and it is more than likely that the required majority on this issue will be achieved. Setting of sanctions, as it is at present, in itself is not enough. Strong sanctions (oil and gas embargo, etc.) hand in hand with the loss of membership in the United Nations would affect Russia so much that it would most certainly entail a sobering effect even on Putin.
A significant effect of Russia's expulsion from the United Nations and the Security Council would also be the fact that Russia will not be able to use its veto in matters related to Ukraine. It is, after all inconceivable that the state, which is ignoring the international law and has started bloody aggression against different countries, occupied and annexed a part of Georgia and Ukraine, can torpedo all resolutions directed against its criminal activities. How can this happen?
Estonia has strongly condemned all Russian aggressions and the occupation of Crimea. It is our duty and interest that Russia should support international norms and abide by international law. Therefore, I appeal to the Government of the Republic of Estonia to propose to expel Russia from the United Nations.
As long as Putin can mock like Stalin the spineless western countries and gain one victory after another without a serious resistance, his support in wrong wrapped and brainwashed Russia keeps growing. No need to mention his other world conquests inspired by its imperialist mind-set.
Besides, a new subservient and harmful Estonian-Russian border agreement should be immediately cancelled in the context of the occupation of Ukraine and Crimea aggression.

Published in the daily newspaper Eesti Päevaleht, 10/9/2014

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